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Little Lark and Friends

So I’ve been working. A Lot.  After  my 16th day in a row (needless to say, I haven’t been cooking at home), I decided I needed a little treat.  Larkburger recently opened a few blocks from my house, and since it has a cult following in Boulder, I thought I’d check it out.  Nothing draws me into a restaurant more than fresh local ingredients – and if they are served at a reasonable price and quickly, even better!  I tried the Little Lark (I like a lower meat to bun ratio than most), some regular fries and a chocolate shake.  I made the mistake of asking a new kitchen to cook me up a well done patty, when they recommend a medium.  It was quite a bit more done than well – very dry.  I think it was just  a little overzealousness on the part of a new line cook, honestly.  Everything else was good to excellent – I liked the lemon aioli that makes up their “special sauce”, the fries were good and the shake pretty snazzy too.  I almost got their Portabella burger – a whole portabella cap – since it sounded so good, but that will be for next time.  Or maybe the Tuna burger and some Truffle Fries.   I especially like that they have salads and Edamame to health it up and they serve beer.  Overall, looking forward to having healthy fast food so close and looking forward to giving it another try once they’ve worked out the kinks!

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